Markets are conversations.
It was with this thought in mind that Estrogeni conceived and created a platform that is capable of providing immediate and targeted information.

On Web 2.0, consumers' opinions regarding the price, value and quality of a product or service are a privileged source of information.
Thread-Off was intended specifically for that and allows to make sentiment analysis about the brand image, promotional campaigns, specific products and services, the competitor's activities to be monitored.


Social Intelligence can effectively support marketing strategies and business with reduced costs compared to focus groups and market research, at the same time allowing for immediate corrections or an optimum management of crisis situations.

The time has passed for passively monitoring online conversations: Thread-Off enables specific analyses and in-depth studies to be conducted according to product/service, geographic area, campaign, competitor's peer group The Estrogeni team can then provide reports customised to the specific Client, allowing solutions to be created to correctly manage every business situation.


  • Data collection

    The first step in the sentiment analysis is establishing the keywords on which to conduct the research.
  • Clustering

    A thorough semantic analysis makes it possible to define relevant topics and attribute an opinion of value.
  • Analysis of trends

    By using specific focuses on relevant issues it is possible to identify the main trends of the moment.

Brandiment. The strength of integration


Detecting conversations

searchThread-Off detects opinions on the net regarding your company, your competitors, your products.


Brand Analysis


Drometauro monitors online positioning and economic kpi, defining a strategic semantic map.

Surprising result


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Data collection

The first step in the sentiment analysis is establishing keywords and alerts. Everything that is said over the net on sites, blogs, forums and social networks is monitored daily, thus guaranteeing that online conversations on the brand are traced. No sources are excluded beforehand from the observation.


A thorough semantic analysis makes it possible to cluster the data gathered according to the most pertinent topics. For example, it is possible to classify under "brand image" all observations not connected to a specific commercial offer; under "promotional campaigns" all marketing activities that relate to offers and promotions; under "services/products" discussions on buying choices and the use of goods/services.

Clustering is linked to the client's industrial characteristics and to the type of conversations monitored.

Surveying tendencies and opportunities

The data detected is classified according to a positive, neutral or negative sentiment. In this first stage, general considerations on the company's reputation and overall comparisons with competitors can already be made. Subsequently, by utilising specific focuses on the most relevant issues, or further detailing the temporal depth of the analysis (for example by unbundling the data weekly instead of monthly), it is possible to provide immediate evidence of the main trends underway to managers and marketing directors.

  • Measuring and refining

    Planning and fine-tuning communication and promotion activities, as well as implementing churn prevention policies, become much simpler, supported by factual indications on the expectations and appreciation of potential customers and others.

  • Integration of Drometauro

    The integration between Drometauro and Thread-Off makes it possible to detect variations in sentiment, correlating them with the measures taken to improve the online positioning of the brand. The latter's digital reputation therefore always remains fully under control.

Constant monitoring

Thread-Off makes it possible to produce monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or daily reports, helping clients follow the progress of their campaigns. We believe that the optimal monitoring period for a company is at least 6 months to 1 year.

As well as monitoring its own positioning, the position of competitors can also be kept under control, in order to always provide an updated picture of the market scenario.

  • Quantitative reports

    Initial evidence of the data gathered is given by the quantitative reports that show the relevance of the themes that emerged on the brand, or how much one brand is talked about compared to its competitors.

  • Qualitative reports

    Graphs and histograms make it possible to highlight the sentiment of the most relevant conversations and trends, providing precious in-depth insights into online reputation.

  • Companies

    For manufacturers and service companies, knowing in real time their clients' opinions on their offers and on those of their competitors is an extraordinary opportunity.

    The web allows a direct contact with an ever-increasing number of clients, but a do-it-yourself approach of only monitoring is no longer possible.

    Thread-Off helps companies to collect and analyse in depth the enormous quantity of data available online, thus allowing to constantly monitor their online reputation.

  • Parties, candidates, public personalities

    The latest rounds of voting show how, even in Italy, the web and social media have now become a decisive instrument for public communication.

    Thread-Off assists in rapidly tapping into current trends that can be decisive in planning public speeches and selecting the most relevant themes that can bring the most consensus. This is true not only for political parties and candidates, but also more generally for public personalities who are particularly attentive to their image.

  • Banks

    The monitoring of online sentiment becomes fundamental for manufacturers and large-scale distributors.

    However, the most recent studies demonstrate the growing importance of implementing adequate brand policies also in the banking sector, both in the traditional retail sectors and in those of investments.

  • Online travel agencies, hotels

    In the Tourism sector, purchase choices are influenced predominantly by the evaluations made by consumers. An operator's online reputation is therefore decisive.

    Identifying and monitoring their strong points can be decisive in capturing online consensus, which then rapidly turns into real customers.

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